We present everyone the basic line of next generation fashion
in the most sophisticated and satisfying style.

Dress 11,000yen+taxEarrings 4,200yen+taxStall 6,400yen+taxShoes 9,800yen+tax

Bring out your beauty with our new collection
in oriental colors and patterns, as well as summer-friendly
materials like linen and cotton.

Dress 11,000yen+taxEarrings 4,200yen+tax

Symbolic prints and designs of oriental style are
arranged in sophisticated colors. Patterned items designed
for daily use, to fit an urban lifestyle.

Knit dress 8,800yen+taxNecklace 3,800yen+taxRing 3,800yen+tax

Had enough fun with casual,
flowery mood of spring. Time for mature and
oriental vibe of summer.

Shoes 11,800yen+tax

A transition from bright, vivid tones to deep,
elegant colors. Enjoy the rich variety of
earth tones including beige, mocha and brown.

Dress 12,000yen+taxEarrings 4,800yen+tax Bag 6,800yen+taxShoes 9,800yen+tax

The chic, back-detailed swimwear fascinates us all with
its feminine, yet healthy look.

Swimwear 12,800yen+tax

Clean and modest, mint green is a pastel with the perfect
amount of freshness and sweetness. Mix with your earth tone
outfits and take your look to the next level.

Bag 7,800yen+tax

Get ready for the hot weather with loose sweaters
and some oriental mood of linen and cotton fabric. Our selection of fine,
seasonal items to make your summer more comfortable.

Knit tops 5,800yen+taxKnit skirt 11,000yen+taxEarrings 4,200yen+tax